About Infinity Books India

Infinity Books India is a young publishing house that ventured out in 2015 to author and publish quality books of exemplary standards. What begun five decades back as a small book shop in the small town of Ahmedgarh, stands tall today as a publishing house "INFINITY BOOKS INDIA" carving a niche for itself in a short span of two years.

Sh. Mangat Rai Jain left his legacy of the Jain Book Shop to his sons Mr. Sanjiv Jain and Mr. Neeraj Jain way back in 1996. Mr. Sanjiv had a great love for books. He strongly believed that books are the carrier of civilisation and bankers of the treasure of mind. Books are the engines of change as they enlighten and educate humanity.

Infinity Books India, authors and publishes excellent books for pre-school, primary school and middle school. While bringing out a book, all care is taken that the content is inclusive and participatory involving educators, learners, academicians and administrators. The design of the books is such that provides education to students in a way that inspires them to learn more.

INFINITY BOOKS INDIA has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2016. Our rich tapestry of books is synonymous with quality education. The published books are being used in most parts of the country. The books published at Infinity Books India are a judicious combination of contextual learning and technology. With our product we are sincerely dedicated to improving access to better education.